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Who is Basin Transit Service?


Welcome to the best biggest little transit system (biased opinion)!!!! Basin Transit Service Transportation Service District (BTS) is the provider of public transit services in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We are located in South-Central Oregon on the Oregon/California border. Our service area is roughly the size of the Urban Growth Boundary which includes the City of Klamath Falls and the surrounding suburban County neighborhoods. We believe we have the safest bus system with the most helpful and pleasant drivers in the state. That doesn't mean we think we are perfect. Occasionally even we make a mistake. If you've found something that needs changing to help us better serve your needs, please contact us. We've made it easy to do so on our home page under "Contact Us". Some changes are beyond our control. Perhaps you would like to have more frequent bus service (more buses), longer hours, extended Saturday schedules, or Sunday services. We would like to provide all of those to you, but sadly our budget doesn't allow sufficient funds to do those things yet. Once again we welcome you to BTS. Please visit for as long as you like. Come back often. Tell your family and friends. Sincerely, Michael Stinson General Manager Remember: Got a complaint, tell us Got a compliment, tell everyone
The History of BTS

Basin Transit Service Transportation District (BTS) is a municipal form of government known as a 
"special service district" organized under ORS 267. BTS is governed by seven elected board of 
directors who serve four year terms of office. 

Basin Transit Service began life on Monday, November 3, 1980 as an operation provided by the City 
of Klamath Falls using state and federal grants. Four buses operated routes Monday through Friday 
from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. The regular fare was 25cents with 
a 15cent fare offered to Senior Citizens between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. 

An election was held on March 31, 1981 to determine if there was sufficient public support to create a 
larger transportation district which would include all of the urban area. Also on that ballot was a slate 
of candidates for Board of Directors. The District vote passed with 62% of voters casting "yes" votes. 
Elected to the first Board of Directors were: Rev. Douglas Thompson, James Cavener, Roberta McGee, 
Rev. Harold Sherman, Guy Bennett, Richard Pastega, and Ron Frye. In addition to these board members 
the new District employed twenty (20) people.

On May 19, 1981 another election was held to ask for financial support in the form of a property tax 
levy in the amount of 38cents per thousand of assessed value. Fortunately this election was also successful.

Today the District operates five large buses, two small buses, the Linkville Trolley, and one medium bus in 
both regular route service and specialized curb-to-curb service for elderly and persons with disabilities. The 
District is approximately the size of the Urban Growth Boundary and serves a population of 47,000 persons. 



The history of Basin Transit Service would not be complete without special recognition being given to one of the District's most important and beloved members. Roberta Shirley McGee was elected as one of the original Board of Directors when the District was formed in 1981. She continued to serve in that capacity until her untimely passage in 1997. Throughout those sixteen years of dedicated service Roberta maintained an energy and love of BTS and it's customers that is unmatched. Her only goal was to make BTS better through service to Klamath Falls. She was particularly sensitive to the special needs of elderly and disabled citizens and worked tirelessly to help them. Basin Transit Service and it's employees ultimately became an extension of her "family". In 1995 in addition to Roberta's efforts over the years to insure passage of tax levies supporting the District, she also provided "seed" money in a local savings account which annually provides a trophy named the "Roberta McGee Award" and a cash bonus to the Outstanding BTS Employee. Finally, in June 1995 the Board of Directors named the headquarters building and main garage "The Roberta McGee Transportation Center" to recognize and honor Roberta for her long and unwavering love and dedication to the District.
The Board of Directors
                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                Term Expires

Michael McCullough               Chairperson                       2021

Sandra Fox	                 Vice Chairperson                  2021

Todd Kellstrom                   Secretary                         2021

Marc Kane                        Treasurer                         2019

Rolland Bailey                                                     2019

Carl Shuck                                                         2019

Craig Fleck						           2021

LEGAL COUNSEL:                   Nathan Ratliff

The Board of Directors meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month 
at 4:15 P.M. at the District headquarters located at 1130 Adams Street. 
The Board does not normally meet during the month of March or November.
Office Hours and Location
		1130 Adams Street
		Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601
		(541) 883-2877

		Monday to Friday
		8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
		The office is closed on weekends.

		There is NO BUS SERVICE on New Year's Day,
		President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day
		Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, 
		and Christmas Day.
BTS Mission Statement
                            BASIN TRANSIT SERVICE
                           TRANSPORTATION DISTRICT

                              MISSION STATEMENT

The purpose of Basin Transit Service Transportation District is to provide safe,
efficient, and accessible transportation, enhancing the livability of the community.

                              VALUES STATEMENT

INTEGRITY:                      ensuring a unified, equitable
                                responsiveness to our mission and the
                                people of the District.

EFFICIENCY:                     providing the highest level of service
                                at the optimum cost.

SAFETY:                         creating and maintaining an
                                environment which respects the well-
                                being of the community and staff.

SUPPORT:                        encouraging livability by working
                                together to meet the needs and
                                expectations of our community and

DEVELOPMENT:                    creatively managing our future in
                                response to community demand
                                within present and other available

NETWORKING:                     being positive and proactive among
                                the providers of community service.

Citizen Budget Committee
Oregon "Local Budget Law" requires that a committee be formed to review and approve
the budget each year. That committee must be composed of an equal number of Board of 
Director members and volunteer citizens members who reside within the District. Here is 
the listing  of those volunteer citizen members. When combined with the Board of 
Directors the full committee has 14 members.



Mrs. Shawn McGahan			July 1, 2020

Mr. Jeff Foster				July 1, 2019

Mr. Richard Bogatay				July 1, 2019

Mr. Robert Millard				March 1, 2019

Mr. Christy Davis				March 1, 2019

Vacant Position				July 1, 2017

Vacant Position				March 1, 2019
Special Transportation Fund Committee
Oregon law (ORS 391) requires that 2cents of the taxes collected on cigarettes must
be spent on providing transportation services to citizens who are either disabled
or elderly. Those collected taxes are distributed based upon population. The law
also requires that a citizen advisory committee be formed to recommend to the
BTS Board of Directors how those funds are spent. This is that citizen
advisory committee.


                                                                          Term                     Original
                                                                        Expires                 Appointment*

Clidia Gibson			       Senior Citizen		 	06-01-18		   02-27-13

Vice Chairperson
Carol Doty		              Representative                 	06-01-18                   05-27-15
			              Senior Citizen	

Mary Lou Beach                        Senior Citizen 	       	 	01-25-18                   07-25-12

David Coulson                          Citizen With                   	06-01-18                   01-23-13      
                                       A Disability

Jackie Reed			       Representative		 	06-01-20		   05-28-14
SPOKES Unlimited		       Disabled Persons



The District Employees
                              BTS EMPLOYEE LIST
                            As of September 1, 2017 
                 30 EMPLOYEES (22 full time and 8 part time)

Michael Stinson - General Manager
Paula Quinn - Assistant Manager
Candice Shepherd - Secretary / Clerk to the Board
Faye Caldwell* - Finance Clerk
Terri Callen - Field Supervisor
Craig Johnston - Field Supervisor


Delores Brandt
Bart Worrell
Vacant Position

-----------------			----------------
Kimberly Clark				Timothy Farley*
Kent Jensvold				Boyer Lievsay*
Jennifer Fischer			Douglas Dean*
Kenneth Weaver				Vacant Position*
Sandra Marks				Coleen Entriken*
James Hamilton				Laurie Finch*
Nicole Anderson				Vacant Position*
Vincent Hilgeman			
Thomas Wyland				
Valerie Jerde				* Denotes employees  
					scheduled to work less
					than 40 hours per week.

James Barnes - Lead Mechanic
Brenden Westfall - Evening Mechanic
Wade Millett - Morning Mechanic
Vasiliy Lagutuchkin - Swing Mechanic
Jimmy Holcomb- Bus Washer/Maintenance Helper
Sergio Farias* - Bus Washer/Maintenance Helper
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