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Southside Passenger Transfer Station

Located at the corner of South Sixth Street and Altamont Avenue (in front of Exchange Park and next to the Klamath County Fairgrounds), the Southside Passenger Transfer Station is the latest addition to the amenities provided by Basin Transit Service for it's customers and employees. Although seating is provided for the waiting passenger, the primary function of this facility is to offer a convenient location for the Main Line bus routes, traveling both North and South, to meet with the Feeder Route 4/6, serving Moyina Heights, Wal Mart, and the South Suburbs, and allow the changing of bus routes for passengers to smoothly complete their bus trip. A small room is also provided for employees as a break room.

This facility was built for $118,000 with the assistance of an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) capital grant which paid 76% of the costs. The facility is also located on ODOT property as a part of the South Sixth Street public right-of-way.
(Opened November 2003)
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